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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Silver Hot Water Jug (sold)

We found this little beauty in an antiques shop in Honiton and I couldn't resist it. I am guessing that it's from somewhere at the beginning of the 20th Century but if anyone knows for sure I would love to know. It's the elegance of the fluted design and the little touches like the scroll on the handle, that are so appealing. They really knew how to make things in the 'old days'. The usual pastels on board, approx 12" x 10".

It's getting pretty cold in the studio now - I must look bonkers sat there with my feet on a hotwater bottle, with fingerless mittens on and two jumpers! All for art....

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Figs & Honey

There is such a fantastic range of colours on the outside of a fig! Depending on ripeness: from cold blue to deep purples and browns. I suppose I should have found a proper honeycomb straight from the hive but I quite like the plain old, half used jar from my cupboard. Tricky light and shadows but more dramatic I hope.