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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Figs in a silver dish

I have been waiting for figs to be available in the shops and so have taken loads of photos to keep me going through the winter - a bit like storing food for times of famine!! They are so enticing with their seemingly dull skins, although on closer inspection a riot of purples, and the startling oranges and reds of their flesh. I have had my eye on this silver dish in the antique shop for a few weeks and finally decided to get it for its simple elegant lines. I also managed to pick up several shiny silver things in the charity shops in Topsham - I am turning into quite a magpie.

I am not entirely sure about the black background and may yet change it. I am awaiting advice from my Wetcanvas fellow artists.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Still Life - Sunflowers

This painting was so far out of my comfort zone when I started it, but the photo tempted me with it's composition and contrasts (photo from the Wetcanvas RIL, my thanks to the photographer). I decided to just go for it with no planning, research or time to worry! I used a larger board than I have ever done for a still life 16" x 18", and a raw sienna colourfix primer. I wanted to really get away from the photographic realism that's my usual default setting but it's taking some time to settle into a different style and to make it my own. I am encouraged enough by this painting though, to keep trying! (I am especially pleased with the glass vase).

Still Life - Sunflowers

Still Life - Sunflowers

Still Life - Sunflowers

Rough colour/tonal values going on for the background.

Still Life - Sunflowers

Sketch in white conte pencil on raw umber colourfix primer.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Love it/Hate it

I found this jar of Marmite at the back of a cupboard, I bet this stuff keeps for years! It's such an iconic thing, and if I do decided to paint more on a theme of British icons, this will be number 1! It's another attempt a a quicker painting so only took a couple of hours.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tea Pot with Plums

This will probably be the last painting including plums this year as they went off quicker than I could paint them - changing colour by the hour!! But they were fantastic colours.

Found this fabulous tea pot in a local charity shop although the greens are a little bit muddier on the real thing than in the painting. If I don't have the right base green I have to create a palette from what I have - a bit like transposing a piece of music. Style gradually getting looser, I may be an impressionist by the time I'm 60 then.