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Monday, 19 July 2010

Red Onion Still Life

It's been a while as I tried another landscape that wasn't my best! Decided to cheer myself up with a still life. I raided the fridge and found this onion which was enticingly glossy and fat. Reds still a problem so I feel a trip to the supplies shop coming on.... I have also made a light box in order to be able to direct the lighting on my still lifes. Everything like this means learning a new skill which is keeping me hooked. I'm running out of room for all this learning though, so it's a good thing they're starting that studio/conservatory tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Elena:

    I love the depth of the color in this painting and it is pleasing to my eyes. It beckoned me to come closer in order to study and admire the beauty of its form, color, shape, and pattern. I like the way you arrange it. Over all, I like the richness in simplicity of this painting.