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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Coffee Pot

I am still trying to do a painting a day, I went back to a larger size, 10" x 12", and my usual realistic style. There's something about the design of this coffee pot that is very appealing: the lines and waistline perhaps. I think we had one when I was a child, or I came across them in Austria on family holidays, so there's a memory link there too. Either way, it was lovely to paint and the drama of the dark background was chosen to set off the colours in the metal. The egg gives a contrast - rounded against angular, warm against cold, nature versus manmade. A colour contrast too. The fact that my husband thought it was a peach speaks of his poor eyesight rather than my poor rendering of the egg I hope!! Work in progress photos shown as usual.


  1. I like the painting of the strawberry bowl, spoon, coffee pot and I like especially the egg which has a well balance use of color, light and shadow. I notice that in all these paintings the reflections of light brings life to your paintings.

  2. Thank you - it's no surprise that light attracts, it's a deep urge that pulls at our souls. What light will we one day see?!!