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Monday, 23 May 2011

Still Life with Pearl Nautilus (sold)

I have been searching for a nautilus for a while and they are hard to come by because of restrictions on imports - this one was very old stock at the fishmongers! I will be painting lots of compositions with shells over the next months as I have secured a petite and bijou exhibition space at a nearby National Trust property called A La Ronde. .In the very best English tradition of being spinsters, cousins and with the name Parminter, these two ladies from the recent history of the house, created a unique and now slightly crumbling, shell gallery. I have just under a year to paint lots of pictures including shells, but maybe some of the other objects that they brought back from their Grand Tour too.


  1. Good luck with your series, Elena.

  2. Thanks Elena, I am having to paint other things in between or I will get fed up of shells!